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Alabama Coffee Table

Alabama Coffee Table




This piece was the creation from a trip I took to Alabama.  Looking  around my great- grandfather's barn on his farm I found a dirty, dusty, grimey pallet lying in the corner of the barn. Clean the pallet off with a hose to reveal that it was littered with dirt deep inside the pours. Drove it back to Maryland where I would transform it into the top of this piece today. Alabama as a state has a very rustic look to it, I salvaged old barn wood to create this unique coffee table. It's 100% RECLAIMED WOOD


    • Top is made from a pallet found in the corner of my great-grandfather's barn
    • Clear stained top to show the beauty of the natural wood
    • Base is reclaimed pallet wood from an old stove
    • Distressed white base adds a touch of modern to this piece
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