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"Building with a purpose to have a story in your home"

Hello! I'm Tyler Loh, owner of TL2 Woodworking. My passion is wood working as it has been my passion since a young age. It started in Alabama when I was young and my great-grandfather introduced me to the blade of the saw, navigating me through simple tasks and the rest was history. He passed away suddenly and I decided to turn my passion into a business to honor the devotion and knowledge that he has given me.


The key to the making of our products is that we use reclaimed materials like pallets, metals, fallen tree slabs, and much more. As products vary so do the materials. We can take something special of yours and give it new life. When it comes to custom work any materials, new or reclaimed, can be used to create something purposeful that will for sure make a statement in your home.

I've come a long way from a little kid in an old barn working on small picture frames to making purposeful products that tell a story. Not only do I want to share my journey through my passion but show the journey of each piece that is made, from the shipyard to my shop into your home.

So when it comes to making a statement and giving your home purpose, make TL2 Woodworking your #1 craftsman and join our journey as we start yours.


Tyler Loh

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